Chicken Pot Pie

Meowllo everypawdy seems mommy needs to learn to sleep all day and get up at night. As we write this posty it be 10:30 p.m. and da stowm has ebbed fur da moment. It’s gunna pick back up in a few hours, but mommy will be worn out afur then and weady fur bed. So weez gunna miss purrime puter time. MOL Anyways, while da stowm be abated let me write meez posty. As you all know we be reviewers fur We do luv Chewy. Well this mumff we got to twy sum canned noms. Mommy fawt it wuld be purrfect cuz they came in da small one meal cans so we kuld take ‘em to BlogPaws. Course we had to twy ‘em furst to make sure we wuld eat ‘em. No point in takin’ a food dat nopawdy will eat wight? Wight.  



Anyways we got to twy da Hills Ideal Balance Crafted Savory Chicken Pot Pie with Buckwheat. Now ifin dat ain’t a name me dusn’t know what is. Nowmally we don’t like Hill’s foods, but these did look appetizin’ and da phosphorous content was low. Dat’s very purrtant fur sis Lexi’s diet these days. So mommy was purretty excited fur us too twy it. Furst things furst, mommy took photos of da can and then da noms inside da can and she finally scooped it out onto our plates. Then she got ready fur da action shots. You know da ones, when da flashy box is almost in yous plate while you twy to eat. Well it didn’t get in meez way cuz there was no way me was eatin’ dat stuff. Me wuldn’t even get close nuff to da plate fur mommy to get me in da shot. Me told her dat was fine cuz me didn’t like it, so no point in you seein’ me wiff it. So all paws down fwum me. But what ‘bout picky Lexi?

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Well…what do ya’ know, she ate da whole plateful and asked fur more. Mommy got a little excited. She’s learned not to get too excited till sissy eats sumfin’ a kupple times these days. Once can sumtimes be a fluke. So mommy waited a kupple days and gave Lexi a plateful again, and again she ate it all up. So 4 paws up there. It’s diced so small dat it’s almost a pate style wiff very little gwavy. But ifin you have a pate only kitty, it might not be da bestest choice cuz it duz bweak up in da plate. We can’t figger out why these companies insist on all da veggies, but it has purrlenty of veggies included. Da furst ingredients awe chicken broth, chicken and pork liver and then a long list of veggies and vitamins and minerals. So we fawt we wuld share a can wiff Buddy, mr. W’s cat and see what hims fawt. You know a tie bweaker. MOL And Buddy bwoke da tie in favor. 4 paws up fwum him too. So there ya’ have it, sissy and Buddy like it fine wiff me as da hold out. So Hill’s must be duin’ sumfin’ wight. 

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But what about mommy you ask? Well she’s not fond of da long list of veggies included, but dat’s purretty much paw fur da course these days. And she did like dat it was lower in phosphorous than udder foods, so it’s good fur Lexi in dat sense. It dusn’t contain da carageenan, but duz have da guar gum. Again, sumfin’ dat be purretty much paw fur da course. But all in all mommy sed seein’ dat Lexi liked and ate it and da phosphorous is low she wuld definitely buy it fur sissy. So one fumm up fwum mommy.  Here’s what da key benefits table at Hills Pet sez ‘bout da chicken pot pie.



Lean Protein
Keeps your cat healthy & active

Gluten free, non-wheat. ancient grain
Gluten free source of energy for an active life, and supports healthy digestion

Amino Acids
Helps keep cat’s eyes sharp and maintain healthy vision.

Egg White
High Protein
Helps build muscle for healthy play, and provides a great wholesome taste!

Pork Liver, Chicken Fat & Fish Oil
Rich Savory Protein
Provides a rich taste and builds muscle for your cat to jump & play longer


You can get a case of 24) 2.9 oz cans fur $30.52. It also comes in 2 more flavors: da Roasted Tuna and Vegetable Medley and Simmering Salmon Chowder and Quinoa. They awe all diced very finely so dat in da can they appear like a pate. And altho’ they’re not a pate there is no real gwavy or broth. Well we don’t know ifin weez helped ya’ to decide on it or not, but do check out all dat Chewy has to offer. They have a variety of noms, tweats, toys and supplements and offer very competitive purrices. And we don’t fink their shipping chawges can be beat. A flat rate of $4.95 fur all orders unner $49.00 and furee fur all orders over. They ship quick and their customer service can’t be beat. And don’t worry that you have to buy a case of canned noms; ifin yous fluffy won’t eat it, just give them a call, you’re never stuck payin’ fur sumfin’ you can’t use. So what awe ya’ waitin’ fur, head on over and check it out now. Just click here to be transported to their website. 

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Disclaimer: We didn’t get any gween papers fur this posty, but we did receive 12 cans of noms fur furee. Our opinion is our own and not fur sale at any purrice. And we only bwing you fings we fink you might be innewested in and dat we use or have twied ourselves.

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What? We can’t all like everyfin’, wight? See ya soon.

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi