By The Candle’s Light

Meowllo everypawdy. Hope you’re ready fur da weekend. It’s officially spwing and tornado season in tornado alley. We have sure had da wedder lately. And weez have also had lots of power twubbles. Y just yesfurday it looked like nighttime all day long. And da power kep flickerin’ on and off. So we didn’t hawdly get on da puter at all. We be so fwustrated wiff all this. We have sum Fank yous we need to post and weez also been researchin’ sumfin big fur an educational posty. But weez wanna wait on those till we donn’t have to rush to make a posty. At da moment it’s dawk outside and da middle of da day, so while it’s a little calm so weez twyin’ to get this out afur it all stawts up again. See yesfyrday got weal innerestin’ round here. As me sed it was dawk and we knew stowms were on da way. Da power had been flickerin’ on and off all day and every time it wuld go out, mommy wuld gwit her teef and ask God to make it come back on. And it did. Until…Well let me just tell ya’ in full detail. 

 dw D n L wide space

Mommy had twied to get sum of dat calmin’ stuff in me to no avail. And da power hadn’t flickered in a kupple hours so mommy fawt all was good. She had been dwinkin’ coffee which, well it runs fwu her like no udder dwink duz so she headed to da pawdee box room to…well you know. Anyways, Lexi jumped up on da vanity and wanted mommy to turn da water on fur her. Of course dat’s zactly what mommy did. And then she pulled down hers bwitches and… 

 dw Dezi hugs

Lexi: Why are you getting’ to tell da story Dezi? What do you know about how fings went? After all…  

Cuz it be meez name on da bloggy sissy. Me dusn’t have to tell everypawdy dat me was so scared me was hidin’ in da recliner. Oh hey, y’all awe still here. Well dat’s okay me finks you all wulda been purrlenty scared too. Da wind was blowin’ ‘bout 70mph and rain was fallin’ so hawd it sounded like drums. So on wiff meez story. Let’s see…yeah mommy had just sat down and there was a big ole funder boomer and da power went out. Well there awe absolutely no windows in our pawdee box room at all. And da small window in da bedroom off da pawdee box room has black curtains and a black film on it to make da room cool and dawk fur sleepin’. So there was mommy in a not so furtuitous pawsition, and Lexi on da vanity slingin’ water everywhere and suddenly it’s pitch black. Mommy sed, “Oh Lord please turn the power back on.”

 dw D n L Nature

Mommy sat there a minute tryin’ to member where da flashlights were; we have a kupple little $1.00 LeD flashlights and da one me won fwum Cat Scouts. Mommy waited anudder minute afur gwopin’ wound fur toilet paper and such and then she told Lexi to stay put. Yeah wight. Tell a service cat to let you walk fwu a dawk house by yous selff. Like dat’s ever gunna happen. MOL And yes even me came out fwum unner da chair to find mommy. So here’s mommy lookin’ like a zombie wiff hers awms out in fwunt waivin’ fwum side to side hopin’ not to run into anyfin’ and Lexi and me hot on her heels. Mommy finally reached da bed and felt round on da vanity beside it fur a flashlight. She knocked a few fings round but finally got da flashlight and pushed da on button. It came on and then went out. OMC Da batteries were dead. So mommy turned wound and almost stepped on me. She only missed me cuz me moved outta da way, anudder service cat technique. And off we all went to da livin’ room to find anudder flashlight. Lexi ran on ahead of mommy and me but steered clear of mommys huge feet. Mommy felt round and finally found a light and pushed da button to turn it on and…OMC it’s da red dot. MOL Now’s where it kuld get innewestin’ wight?

 dw Dezi love - 2HEoW-1e3 - normal

It kulda, but bein’ service cats we know da job comes afur play. So we totally ignored da red dot and mommy flashed it everywhere lookin’ fur candles. We finally got a candle lit in every room and mommy went to ask da neighbors ifin anypawdy had reported da outage. All these old peeps sittin’ outside in da dawk and pourin’ rain and sed, “they’ll get to us. We sure hope it’s soon. The hospital’s next door so surely they’ll get us up at the same time.” Well furstly da hospital has generators and we don’t, and secondly weez not on da same line. So mommy came back in and had to go dig in da dawk closet to find da old fashioned fone dat works wiffout lectwicity. They finally got our power back up wight at dinner time. Whew, we was worried mommy wuldn’t be able to see to feed us. Which bwings us to anudder update dat weez’ll be postin’ ‘bout shortly. We just gotta get fwu these stowms. Oh and weez be joinin’ up wiff da Pet Pawade Blog Hop as always. Fanks fur hostin’ yous guys. We do so luv our Pet Pawade. And we purraelly won’t be ablle to get online tomorrow so weez gunna join up wiff Athena’s Caturday Awt a day early.

 dw D n L Fire and Ice

So, Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi