I’z Neck Neckid Again

Hey Y’all hope youz habbin’ a grayt week. Yep itz stormin’ heer agin’ but itz not like weez didunt spekt it. And yep, itz me Lexi. I’z gunna tell y’all ‘bout minez VET vizit and our mommy and Lexi day out. Well stardid out purretty good, da sun waz shinin’ and there waz no rain in sight. WooHoo!!! Mommy had checked da wedder and saw dat we waz in fur flash floods and more tornadoes but not till da night time. So mommy got me in da stroller and got minez medz toogedder and we waz off. Leazt we fawt we waz. We turned outta our partmentz and ontoo da road only to be met wiff signs and blocks dat told mommy too be carefool cuz of floodin’. And dat da street was closed. So we had too tern rownd and much too mommyz chagrin da street waz closed dat way too. Fankfooly da road blocks was placed at da entrance of da drive at da hospital so mommy went round ‘em. There went our attempt to make it on time. Yep we wuz late agin’. Mommy and I sung songs all da way there. I’z getting’ purretty savvy too this “goin’ to da VET” ride and after da last fiasco I’z not in any hurry too repeat dat scenario so I’z waz a bit nervous. But we arrived and I’z recognized it waz Doc C’z office and not da torture chamber. 


 dw Lexi1513

We went in and course da furst fing they wandid too doo waz weigh me in. Youz wood fink I’z sum purrize fighter or sumfin’ da way theze peepz are ’bout dat weighin’ stuff. I’z lost more weight. Now afur youz go and git all beside youz self mommy sez datz not real surprizin’ sinz mozt of da mumff I’z didunt eat much. Itz not till da lazt week or so dat I’z bin eatin’ real good. So eeben doe mommy wazunt happy bout da 1/8ff of a pound I’z had lozt, she wazunt shocked and sed it waz okay, I’z wood be puttin’ it back on soon. (weez’ll tell ya’ why and ‘bout minez medsinz in anudder pozty. So I’z all weighed in and they took us too a room too wait fur doc. A kupple minitz passed and doc poked hiz head in and azked how mommy waz and ibin she wandid sumfin’ too drink cuz it waz gunna be a little bit afur himz gawdid too us. A cup of water fur me and a coffee fur mommy and we settled in fur da wait. We didunt wait too long and he came bustlin’ fru da door azkin’ what mommy wandid too doo tooday. Funny how different fings are now dat himz takin’ mommy seriouzly cuz herz wendid elzwhere when he woodunt coopurrate and doo da teztz mommy wandid da furzt time round.  


 dw Lexi1511

Mommy showed himz all minez medsinz, cuz eeben doe himz signed off, he didunt know anyfing bout ‘em. Mommy had also took copiez of da explanations of them fur himz too keep and a flyer fur Tanya’s CRF website. And then she told him she wandid a T4 tezt and sinz dat meant takin’ blood then weez didunt wanna waste it cuz we wazunt dooin’ it agin fur a while; and weez wandid a full panel incloodin’ da chem panel. Himz didunt bat a eye and sed okay. And then himz azked ibin mommy wandid too doo a urinalysis, and she sed, yes, while weez dooin’ letz doo. So himz left da room too git da fur stealer and an assiztant too help. Mommy azked fur a blood purresure but da machine waz broke and da repairman hadunt come too fix it yet so no takin’ of minez blood pressure waz dun. Himz plugged in da fur stealer and then shaved up minez neck. And right here afur BlogPawz too. Kin youz believe it? I’z gunna habz too go too BlogPawz neck neckid. Hmmmmpht Himz stole minez blood and then stabbed me in da kidneyz too steal sum peepee fur teztin’ too. Fank catnezz himz much better than da torturerz frum lazt time. Himz hit da mark da furzt time on boff stealz, and then took them too da back fur teztin’. I’z waz da purrfect angel mommy sed. I’z didunt fight or growl or hiss or nuffin’. I’z kinda figger da nicer I’z am da quicker weez’ll be dun.


 dw Lexi fur stole

A few minitz later little helper girly azked ibin we kuld wait in da waitin’ room fur da teztz too finish and let anudder patient habz our room. I’z waz all fur dat, cuz I’z didunt want ‘em stealin’ anyfin’ elze. So weez went round fru da lab back out too da waitin’ room. While waitin’ a poor little doggy came in dat had taken on a big doggy so I’z tried too kumfurt him a bit. But alll himz wandid too doo waz whine and scream. No dignity let me tell ya’, dat doggy had no dignity. No self respektin’ cat wood ebber cry out like dat fur eberpawdy too hear. Bout a half hour later doc came out wiff paperz and went over them wiff mommy. Sum of minez nummerz surprized him, but minez T4 waz good. So I’z not have any thyroid purrawlemz. Dat meanz az long az I’z will eat, I’z shuld put da weight back on. Dat made mommy happy fur sure. He told mommy he hadunt had a chanz too purrocess da resultz so himz wood call us later abter ebberpawdy left fur da day too discuss ‘em. Well weez needed too go too wally world and git me sum Gerber ham and ham gravy baby food fur minez medsinz so mommy told him to call da next day and we waz off. Oh yeah I’z furgot, mommy had too pay afur we kuld leave, so $211.05 green paperz later and we waz off. I’z gunna stop fur today and weez’ll habz a part 2 fur this pozty next. Ibin youz can unnerstand and wanna read minez resultz, youz can doo dat here. Habz a pawsum day and… 


dw Lexi 5-12-15 invoice2
As usual mommy has only blacked out da fings dat a stalker would be lookin’ fur, or sumpawdy tryin’ to steal our identity.

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blezt!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez 

Lexi and Dezi