Sit Down and Have Another…

Meowllo everypawdy weez twyin’ to hurry and get meez posty out afur da next big funderboomers followed by da lightin’ up of da sky. Now let’s see where did me leave off…Oh yeah me wanted a few more minutes of Zzzz’s So while mommy took care of meownin’ pawdee box business and sis Lexi played in da water me laid down in da shower chair and had a few. Sissy laid down on da vanity and meowed fur mommy to leave da water runnin’ till bwekky was weady so mommy woke me up to dwive her to da kitchen. Well of course me obliged, it is meez job after all. And it means me gets a few extwa licks of butter and/or ham spoon. Now weez not weally told ya’ what da ham spoon is so meez gunna tell ya’ today. Sissy told ya’ all da meds and supplements she be taking, and dat she gets ‘em in a tablespoon of ham and ham gwavy baby food. Well one of those supplements be fur UTI’s and can be used as a purrventative too. So after mommy mixes all of sissy’s medicines into da ham, she puts a little of dat D-Mannose on da spoon and mixes it up wiff hers finger and gives it to me. Oh da ham is divine. (looks off with a glint in her eyes)

dw Dezi1421
Gimme da ham spoon mommy, it’s meez turn.

So anyways mommy and me headed fur da kitchen to fix bwekky. As me sed mommy be getting’ wound purretty slow these wet, rainy days, so it takes furever to make bwekky, so me stands watch. And sumtiimes me will have a good scwatch on da post, but me can still see and feel mommy so ifin she needs me it’s no purroblem. And sure nuff this meownin’ she needed me. Mommy was twyin’ to hurry and get our bwekky made and suddenly me felt dat sumfin’ wasn’t wight wiff mommy. So into da kitchen me went and pawed at hers ankles and meowed and twirled. See mommy likes to twy to stand up and fix our bwekky. She leans on da counter to stabilize her. But ifin she passes out, it dusn’t matter what she’s leanin’ on, she’s gunna fall. So after me danced a little me got da chair and bwought it over to her so she kuld sit down and finish makin’ bwekky. Bwekky all dun and me hopped up in hers lap to have me sum ham spoon and mommy hollered fur sissy to come eat.  

 dw Lexi4067 all gone

Sissy came saunterin’ up and jumped on da table to have hers ham plate and canned noms and mommy took meez plate to da livin’ room where me eats. Mommy and me went back to da kitchen to get hers coffee and then we all settled in. Sissy and me stawrted eatin’ and mommy sat in hers sittin’ chair to have coffee, read emails and pass out. MOL Eventually mommy stawted getting’ wound a bit better as da day went on, but wiff all this rain and ole man awfur-itis hangin’ wound most of our days this mumff have been purretty much like this one. Mommy sez she wuld still be layin’ in bed ifin not fur Lexi and me and dat she be so fankfull to have us. We fink we be da lucky ones. So togedder we be a very gwatefull furmily.  

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Me also wants to take a minute to fank our awnty Cindy and Maggie Meme fur sendin’ us a few pawsum boxes. Mommy got more coffee and fank catness cuz her was out and climbin’ da walls. She gladly came down off da ceilin’ to make her a fwesh cup and we gladly let her dwink it all. MOL We allso got sum more filter fur our fountain and sum kitty gwass. And she sent 2 bonus sets of sheets fur da bed. What dat bonus means is dat weally we got 4 sets of sheets. And then last night awnty Anonymous called mommy and wanted to give hers sumfin’ fur hers Meowday which be da day afur BlogPaws, da 27ff. So mommy got anudder Meowday purrezzy. Mommy sed she felt like a queen. We told her she’s always our queen, but a meowsy big fank you to all of ya’ fur makin’ mommy’s day.

And we was finally able to get online fur longer than a minute yesfurday and awnty Jennifer had left us a message and she’s gunna be sendin’ sissy a Meowday cawd and sumfin’ fur mommys Meowday too. We have da most pawsumest furiends ever. We have been so humbled by da generosity and love shown to us by so many. Fank you seems so inadequate to expwess our gwatitude, but we weally do fank you all. Hope you can hear us purrin’ our gwatitude. 

 dw Blogpaws I

And on anudder fwunt, weez be getting’ all packed up and weady to go to BlogPaws. We be so ‘cited we can’t hawdly stand da wait. We can’t wait to meet so many of you and finally put togedder da hoomans wiff da cats. Mommy knows all our kitty furiends names, but needs a cwash course in da hoomans. So purrlease furgive us ifin weez not recognize you wight off. Weez countin’ down da days. And we almost furgot, weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop. It’s still stowrmin’ so meez gunna go check out da Cat twee and sissy’s gunna take a nap and mommy’s gunna fix anudder cup of coffee, weez’ll see y’all soon.

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi