Me Didn’t Mean To

Meowllo everypawdy hope you’re having a gweat week so far. Yesfurday was one of ouur busy days as it was mommy’s regular monthly doctors pointment. Mommy used to be one of those peeps that was early to everyfin’ by at least 15 minutes. But since the accident and her getting older, she has become one of those peeps dat be late to everyfin’ by at least 5 minutes. So as she rushed round da house trying to get ready yesfurday me settled into a short nap at da top of da cat tree. Mommy had already passed out a few times and so she sed she was fine, and looked it too. Lexi ate a great dinner last night but wouldn’t touch her bwekky so in tween mommy’s rushhin’ to get ready she was tryin’ to coax sissy into eating. No luck there.  

 0dw Lexi film effect pf

Me knows what you’re finkin’, what about all of dat wuld have me sorry? Well as it happens, mommy was indeed already runnin’ late fur hers pointment. So she was hurriedly trying to gather up everyfin’ we was gunna need and she stawted havin’ hers own purrsonal summer and getting dizzy. And dat’s when it happened…mommy stated whirlin’ and reaching and grabbin’ at anyfin’ and everyfin’ to hold onto so she kuld avoid falling. Well let me tell ya a little sumfin’ ‘bout lots of da furniture here in our house. Mommy has intentionally got lots of fings wiff wheels or dat be light weight so dat she can easily move fings round. So as mommy was grabbing at fings stead of supporting her, they was moving right along wiff her. Till finally everyfin’ including mommy bumped into the immoveable freezer against da wall and down mommy went. BOOM…CRASH…BANG!!! Da horror of da noise jolted me frum meez sleep at da top of da cat tree and me jumped and scurried right into da window wiff da mini blinds and onto da floor. Me kuldn’t get away get to mommy fast enuff. 

 dw Dezi1486

Really as soon as me hit da floor, me ran to mommy to see what me kuld do to help her. Sis Lexi was hot on meez paw heels and there we was standin’ on top of mommy hoo was sprawled out on da floor. We helped mommy get up and put da house back together and we boff followed her to da chair to sit down. She cleaned da blood off her legs and arms frum da cuts and we purred while she looked in da mirror to make sure hers eye wasn’t cut up. And then mommy slowly got up frum da chair and got da stroller and we was off. Doc sed mommy’s sure gunna hurt tomorrow. She told him she sure hurt today. MOL So dat’s what me be sorry ‘bout. Me really didn’t mean to break da mini blinds. Now mommy has to go and buy sum new ones. And me sure didn’t want dat. Mommy sez she dusn’t blame me, she just didn’t have the extra money fur buying fings fur da pawtment. But there be no salvagin’ those fings. You know they have to be cheap to begin wiff, so dat’s zactly what mommy’s gunna replace ‘em wiff. But pawently even cheap mini blinds ain’t so cheap. Looks like they’re gunna cost us sumwhere round $10.00.  Again, me knows you understand and don’t blame me, but meez really sorry mommy, me fur sure never meant fur them to break. 

 dw blinds1505

Weez also spendin’ today wiff da Cat Scouts and da Tabby Cat Club celebratin’ Cinco de Mayo.  Hope you’re enjoyin’ your day as much as us.  Happy 5ff of May. 

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi