Goin’ To The VET

Meowllo everypawdy. Oh it was so nice and purretty yesfurday. Well it wuld have been but da lawn crew was here literally all day long. They came before daylight and didn’t leave till almost 5 p.m. But me did get to enjoy a little sunshine and no rain before it got dark. It’s posed to stawt up again tonight, but at least we have one more dry day in the furcast. And it’s a good fing too. Sis Lexi and mommy be goin’ to da VET today. Pendin’ on what time you be readin’ this as to whether they are already there or not. They needed to have enuff peeps on staff to do tests. Mommy just hates dat they fink this way, cuz Lexi be weal good and dusn’t weally put up a fight. Me can tell ya’ ifin sissy didn’t tear up those idiots dat did hers last blood tests, she’s not gunna whacky paw our wegular VET. Mommy sez she’s gunna get a T4 test just to make sure there’s no thyroid issues. But as we told ya da udder day, sissy’s been duin’ purretty good. Weez’ll tell ya’ why in her VET update posty which we hope to post tomorrow. But it may well be Fursday dependin’ on how mommy and Lexi feel after getting’ home. 


 dw Dezi1477

We also wanna fank all of ya’ fur yous purrayers, luv and support. And me weally wants to fank meez fellow Cat Scouts, Obi and furmily, Timmy and furmily and Cat and furmily fur helpin’ wiff sissy’s noms, medicines and pointments. Sissy’s gotten quite picky and doesn’t wanna eat da same fing 2 days in a row. MOL Duz she fink she’s hooman?  And weez havin’ pizza today. Our facebook awnty Carrie sent sum gween papers to sis Lexi wiff hers Meowday cawd fur just dat. And wiff all da stowms weez not had it. So mommy purromised we kuld have pizza after Lexi goes to da VET. Our mouths awe alweady waterin’. MOL Weez duin’ our bestest to get in as many visits as we can durin’ this wedder bweak cuz mommy dusn’t let us be on da puter durin’ da stowms. So ifin weez not made it by yous place and commented yet, know dat weez on our way. Meez gunna keep it short and sweet cuz we need to make sum visits. Weez’ll see ya’ on da flipside. (meez always wanted to say dat, even tho’ me dusn’t zactly know why) MOL  

 dw D n L okay

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi