Shopping With a Bit of VET

Well meowllo everypawdy. Me had planned to make a shoppin’ wound da world posty today, but….Mommy hasn’t been shoppin’ in a while and sissy fwu up on da sales papers mommy was gunna use. How do yous like dat? Mommy wasn’t bwave enuff to wipe all dat yuck off da papers so she kuld read ‘em. They just went stwaight to da twash. MOL

 dw Dezi1382

I’z kuldunt help it sissy, I’z had a upset tummy and a hairball too.


Me knows it wasn’t yous fawlt sissy but there is a pawdee box room full of piddle pads. You kulda went there.


I’z kulda Dezi but what fun wood dat habz bin? Mommy woodunt habz skrambulled so too get sumfin’ under me afur it awl kaym out on da karpit.


Yeah Lexi mommy duz look funny when she scwambles like dat, dusn’t she?. Anyways, mommy borrowed sum ads fwum our neighbor mr. W and so here’s what we got. Weez have only one store in our town and da next town over has only one store, so weez got da ads fwum them. We have a Super C and Delbert’s, so weez’ll list da purrices in dat order. So da furst item we kuld find was:

 dw Dezi1374

73% Gwound Beef (not sumfin’ we wuld eat) Value packed at 20 lbs. is $2.49 and $2.69 a pound. Purrices look good till yous wealize you gotta buy 20 pounds. MOL


Next item: Corn on da cob: 3/$1.00 at boff stores..


Store bwand hamburger buns: $1.19 wiff a $30.00 purchase and .99 cents at Delbert’s


A 9oz bag of Frito’s is: 2/$5.00 at boff stores..


And an 8 ounce package of da store bwand lunch meats be $5.49 each at boff stores.

So you kuld make hamburgers or sandwiches wiff these ingwedients. Unfurtunately da stores didn’t have very many of da same fings on sale, so our list is a bit catty wampuss, but there ya’ have it. Weez joinin’ Bacon and Fozziemum fur Shoppin’ wound da world day. What kind of purrices do yous all have? Weez off to da VET fur Lexi so weez’ll be ketchin’ up tomowwo wiff all our visitin’.


I'z doent wanna goez too da VET mommy.
I’z doent wanna goez too da VET mommy.


Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


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