Lexi Learns tu be a Service Cat!!

Well meez vewy glad you’s all enjoyed weadin’ ’bout Shad. Aftew Shad went tu heaven mommy got anuddew kitty and twained him tu du da fings dat Shad had dun.  Mommy also volunteewed wif a wescue gwoup and hers specialized in kitty’s wif no mommy.  And dat’s where Lexi comes in. You’s can wead a bwief bio. ’bout hers stawt in life here  (https://dezizworld.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/)   As sum of you’s know, Lexi is 10 yeaws oldew den meez and since hers helped mommy teach meez how tu be a Service kitty, den meez fawt you’s shuld here a bit ’bout hers twainin’. We’s bof giv mommy massages evew day. Ow massages are bettew known as ‘makin’ biskits’, kneadin’, etc., but when focused on a pawticulaw awea at a specified time, den is called a ‘massage’. Well fur most kitty’s dis action comes natuwally, and it weally duz ifin a kitty gwows up wifout a fur mommy. So all mommy had tu du wus twain a natuwal action tu be dun when hers wanted and where hers wanted. Lexi luved mommy vewy much and hers wanted tu purrlease mommy. So mommy wuld take Lexi and  lay down and put Lexi abuv hers head and den mommy wuld coo at hers. Dis wuld cause Lexi tu stawt purrin’ and massagin’ at mommy’s head. By da way, dis is pawsum fur migwaine headaches. Anyways, didn’t take long and Lexi wus a mastew at da massage and wuld take hers place at mommy’s head anytime mommy wuld lay down.


Massage mastewed, Lexi wus ontu biggew fings. MOL It wus time fur hers tu help wiff mommy’s showews. One kitty wusn’t able tu pull or push mommy outta da tub, but 2 kitty’s, well 2 kitty’s kuld du lots more. Once Lexi wus big ’nuff tu hold hers own den she’s wus spected tu help out da wesident cats. Devon and Lucky (Devon wus da kitty mommy wescued aftew Shad died and Lucky adopted mommy fwum a littew hers waised while volunteerin’, hims wus 28 days oldew den Lexi. Bof  da boys were well twained. (Dey hav bof gone on tu heaven so meez won’t be covewin’ der twainin’).  So, Lexi had been watchin’ da boys wiff mommy in da showew fur a foo munfs, and hers watched as Lucky wus twained, but hers just nevew twied tu help out. Well dis day, Lucky stayed in da bedwoom when mommy went tu take a showew, and mommy and Devon and Lexi all went tu da pawdee box woom. As usual, mommy got intu da showew and den, well it hapund. Down hers went, and Devon jumped in da tub wight away and meowed fur Lexi tu du da same. Lexi didn’t wanna get wet, and hers didn’t know what tu du. She’s luved mommy so much and mommy had taken such good cawe of hers so in she’s jumped. Just den Lucky showed up and jumped in tu. Deys all meowed at each uddew and Devon got undew one of mommy’s awms and Lucky and Lexi got undew da uddew arm and deys all pushed until mommy’s uppew body and awms wus hangin obew da edge ob da tub. Lexi stawted pawin’ and lickin’ mommy’s face til hers came tu. Didn’t take long, and Lexi wus old hat at da showew and hers and Lucky finally got big ’nuff tu help mommy alone. 


Lexi also leawned tu dial 911 and dwive da wheelchaiw and bwing mommy small items. Mommy tawt hers these fings so meez gunna just tell you’s all ’bout these wiff meez twainin’. Meez had tu giv you’s all a little back stowwy afuw me kuld stawt tellin’ meez stowwy, but now is time. 🙂 So tune in tumowwo fur da beginnin’ of meez twainin’ tu leawn tu be a Service Cat.       Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!!

Dis is Devon and Lucky and Lexi hangin' out tugeddew.
Dis is Devon (blue point Himi) and Lucky (flame point Siamese) and Lexi hangin’ out tugeddew.
Lexi hangin' out in da wheelchaiw.
Lexi hangin’ out in da wheelchaiw. 



Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



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