Sweetness and Fun

Well as purrawmissed todays posty is gunna be filled wiff sweetness. Me suwe hopes yous enjoy it. Yous all member a while back da Cat Scouts had a sock hop and me wuz so excited cuz me wuz gunna be goin’ on meez first date wiff fellow cat scout Andy.  Him’s a handsum mancat to be suwe, and me wuz just a little nervous.  But yous know what?  Hims wuz da purrfect genltemancat. And me had a blast.  Weez hav seen each udder since then at cat scouts and udder functions. Hims even joined me and Lexi fur dinner down in da bayou when da TCC went on a twip.  Mommy sez she kuldn’t hav asked fur a better mancat fur me to be datin’. And meez just cwazy ‘bout him.  So of course yous know dat duwin’ da last foo mumffs meez hasn’t been wound a lot cuz well, mommy had weally purrtant fings to do to take cawe of us and ow home. 

0dw Dezi on porch in stroller

 Weez gettin’ weady to go to da motel.

See ya’ soon…Hopefully. 

But yous wusn’t da only ones dat noticed meez absence.  Meez sweet Andy missed me too.  Let me tell yous how womantic hims is.  There we wuz goin’ to da motel and not knowin’ ifin weez wuld be able to get good innewnet service, and da weekend afur. mommy had lots of fings to do so me didn’t get to spend much time at Cat Scouts wiff Andy.  So me wuz a little sad, but hoped he wuld wait fur me. And then me heard…..meez sweet Andy took hims guitar and went to da campfire and sang this song fur me. 

Oh Where, oh where is sweet Dezi, 

Oh Where, oh where can she be? 

With her fur so floofy and her eyes so blue, 

I miss you a lot, come back soon.

wlEmoticon-redheart.pngwlEmoticon-redheart.pngandy guitar

Is dat not just da sweetest fing yous evew heard?  And just lookit da foto of hims, isn’t he just handsum?  Me wuz so touched dat mommy purrawmissed me kuld meet up and go out and spend sum time wiff hims da nex day.  And then even tho’ weez not hav evewyfin’ stwaightened out and put away here, mommy let me go to da Cat Scout cawnival wiff hims this past weekend.  And hims won me a kupple stuffed animals.  Hims played da stwongman game and won. Of course, me nevew had any doubts.  And lissen up, hims so fawtful and sweet he picked out a stuffed kitty fur me dat looked like sis Lexi.   Me will fur suwe be spendin’ lots mowe time wiff handsum Andy just as soon as mommy gets da house put back tugedder. And dat better be soon.  Meez luv life is on da line here. 

AD ferris wheel2

Me also has a favor to ask all of yous.   Andy’s sisfur Shelly isn’t feelin’ so good and hims mommy gets weally worried when any of them get sick, so ifin yous kuld purray fur Shelly and hims mommy me wuld suwely purreciate it.  Now wusn’t dat a sweet posty?  And altho’ meez suwe meez gunna miss sumpawdy, but Speedy da cheeky rabbit and Flynn boff need yous purrayers too.

Now fur a bit of a funny.  A foo days ago me posted ‘bout meez first expewience wiff da new toilet.  And well let’s just say me wusn’t vewy bwave. But a foo days hav passed and mommys cleaned da pawdee boxes a gazillion billion quite a foo times since then, and so meez not runnin’ fur da purrverbial hills anymowe.  So we fawt yous might enjoy this little video.  

ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

Me also wants to say a meowsy big fank yous to evewypawdy dat be donatin’ in da fundraiser dat Savannah and Ms. Linda stawted fur us. And altho’ we awe postin’ updates daily, weez will make a final special fank yous posty at da end or when all funds hav been raised. Ifin yous wuld like to check it out, yous can do so here.  Today me wuld like to fank meez sweet furiends Nylablue and hers mommy Miss Sherri-Ellen. Dat wuz so sweet of yous to wanna help us out. Weez weally purreciate it vewy much.  And me wuld also like to say a meowsy big fank yous to da Cat Scouts World Headquarters and Den Master Miss Karen fur sendin’ us 2 cases of da Fancy Feast gravy luvvers noms. Weez weally purreciate all yous do fur all of us scouts and meez furmily.  Meez so honowed to be pawt of such a fabulous gwoup of kitties.   

Fank yous so vewy much Cat Scouts Headquarters.
Fank yous so vewy much Cat Scouts Headquarters.



Till da nex time………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


56 thoughts on “Sweetness and Fun

  • Awww…you are having a good and loving time with your furend…your furry own Mancat furend!

    And MOL about all the toilet tails still going on…meowmy is glad we don’t sit on ours, cause more often that not, one of us…Pipo says its Not Me, tinkles on the litter mat outside…paws insind, business end…oops!

    Have a great day!

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  • Dezi, Andy can not get enough of your videos. You are just so adorable. He really did miss you and worry about you when you were going through your apartment crisis. Andy is happy that you liked the song he sang for you. He is not a very good song writer but he tries. 🙂 He was glad that he could spend time with you at the Cat Scouts Carnival. It sure was fun! That was super nice of Demaster to send you some food. She is a really, really nice person. Shelly says thank you for the purrs and prayers. She felt them and it made her feel better. We will send purrs and prayers for Speedy and Flynn.
    Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaaaaaw Fank yous. Me missed hims to sumfin’ pawful. Me unnewstands dat mommy has vewy purrtant hooman fings to do but me wishes hers wuld just hurry up. 🙂 Me finks Andy is a pawsum song writer and so fawtful too. Me wishes we kulda spent mowe time tugedder but as me sed, mommy has purrtant fings to do and me knows it. And once it’s done, life will be back to nowmal only even beter cuz da manager pawently got a good talkin’ to fwum da veep when hims wuz here.

      So glad Shelly be duin’ better, weez will continue to purray fur hers till she’s all better.

      Luv ya’



  • Tehehe! Dezi you’re sooo cute. me was MOLing at the video…on the boat the humans have to pump their toilet but I remember that type of toilet from the flat I used to live in. I prefer my litter box fur sure!

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  • My goodness…you are getting so brave Dezi….I don’t think I could be as brave as you. Andy is indeed a wonderful mancat that cares for you deeply. A good catch Dezi. Andy and I had a chat at the carnival and his heart belongs to you. My family is sending prayers and purrs out to his sister Shelley. Hope she gets better soon. Wasn’t that nice of Karen to send you 2 whole cases of Fancy Feast. Just goes to show you we Cat Scouts really care.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Meez twin’ Shoko. Sammy sez dat Cat Scouts be bwave, so meez suwe workin’ on it.

      Aaaaaaw Fank yous, meez suwe duz like Andy. And yes, Den Master wuz and is so pawsum.

      Luv ya’



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