We’ve Got Flashers

OMC Here it is alweady Monday. And weez didn’t even show up or make a posty at all on Blest Sunday.  Can you believ it? Well it’s certainly not cuz weez not Blest; cuz we fur sure awe.  Yep, we awe twuly blest indeed.  so why didn’t we make a Blest Sunday posty?  And just where hav we been?  You ask?  Well let me tell ya’.  As you know, cuz me told you last week, we needed to get ow Christmas cawds dun and sent, and we got dat new pawsum twee dat we needed to put up, and oh yeah, da wedder be actin’ stwange, and mommy’s hurtin’ weally bad.  but hers sez worse than da pain is da allergies dat keep hers eyes and nose eevew runnin’ or dwy as dirt. MOL  Anyways, we finally fink weez dun it.

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Weez got ow new twee up. WooHoo!!!  And me helped too.  Me told mommy which ornaments to put on it and where.  And we fink weez got out all ow Christmas cawds dun.  So purrlease check yous inbox and ifin nuffin’ be there, check yous spam folder. Ifin yous still not see a cawd fwum us, purrlease send us an email so we can send you out a cawd.  Well we awe sum blest kitties.  Me won’t keep you long today cuz we won’t be wound much today eever.  Mommy has anudder doctors pointment wiff da eye doctor what made hers see better after takin’ out those cat-a- rats. So we fawt you might like to see ow twee.  They awen’t da gweatest fotos, cuz it wuz still daytime and well cuz it’s mommy behind da flashy box. MOL  We will be back and get caught up shortly. 

 Dezi Holiday Hugs - 2HEoW-1d6 - normal

So, Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi