All Pink and Purretty

Wowza what a week weez had so faw, and it’s not over yet.  Altho’ meez a little ‘cited fur it to be over cuz dat mens weez dat much closer to Christmas day.  Oh and afur meez furgets, ifin you haven’t entered ow give away fur a 40 pound bag of Multi Cat SwheatScoop litter there’s still time. Just leave a comment on  ow weview posty here lettin’ us know yous wanna enter. 

Multi Cat
Multi Cat

Now member me told you ‘bout mommy and me goin’ to da city to get da caw fixed and mommy wealizin’ she didn’t hav hers wallet or checkbook wiff hers, wight?.  Well mommy purromised to make it up to me cuz she had been tellin’ me all dat day while we wuz waitin’ on da caw dat me kuld hav sum bacon.  And then me got nun cuz da gift cawd we needed wuz in mommys wallet back at home.  Course it wusn’t all mommy’s fawlt and hers fur sure didn’t lie to me on purrpuss.  She didn’t know she didn’t hav hers wallet till wight afur da caw wuz finished.  Well guess what?  Me finally got meez bacon. 

 0dw DnL pretty in pink2

Mommy had to go back to da city on Tuesday and this time she membered hers wallet and checkbook.  So we made a stop by da bank so me kuld say meowllo and get a foo tweats, and OMC they didn’t hav any tweats!!!  Me kuldn’t believ it.  They had given all their tweats out to udder animpals.  See they giv me da fweeze dwied chicken bweast tweats so they not only be fur kitties, but aso fur doggies.  So no tweats fur me.  Me let everypawdy coo over and pet me and we wuz off again.  Of course we went to Walmart.  We can’t ever go to da city wiffout goin’ by there.  Mommy sed she dusn’t know why, but she just has to go.  Anyways we walked wound a bit and looked at all da stuffs.  We also stopped in at da Petco to see ow furiends fwum a local wescue gwoup.  They had a kupple hawnesses donated to them, but nun of their cats will wear them, so they gave them to me.  They be so cute and pink.  And then…we went to get me sum BACON!!! 

 0dw DnL Purretty in Pink

It wuz alwweady dawk and cold out.  And there wuz so many caws. Mommy kep wunnewin what all those peeps wuz duin’.  When we passed da corner we saw it. We saw where all those caws wuz goin’.  We hav a bwand new fast food store.  it’s Chik fa let.  Me catness there wuz caws lined up wound severwal blocks.  We don’t know ifin what they hav is any good or not, cuz mommy dusn’t hav dat many patients. MOL  There’s no way mommy wulda waited in dat long line.  So we just did what mommy had originally planned.  We headed out to da mickey Deez fur a bacon burger and fwies.  Yummy dat sure wuz sum gweat Bacon.  Me enjoyed every bite.  And then we came home.  Wusn’t a cwazy busy day, just a little.  Me saved a foo bites of bacon fur sis Lexi.  She purreciatted dat and meowed fank you.  She’s been feelin’ a bit better, but we sure wuld purreciate yous continued purrayers.   

It’s not too late to send us yous email addwess ifin yous wuld like to weceive a Christmas cawd fwum us.  Just send us an email ( you can use da form on ow contact page).  

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi