Angel Scout Visits

Meowllo everypawdy.  Christmas is almost here.  Course ifin yous like mommy yous know dat and awe just ‘bout to faint cuz yet anudder blog has just weminded you.  MOL  Me wuld like to fank all of you hoo entered ow give away fur da bag of SwheatScoop Cat Litter.  Weez never used these wandom pickers afur, so weez not gunna purrawmiss, but we hope to hav a winner to announce tomowwo on ow Blest Sunday posty. 

 0dw Dezi Ornament

Dependin’ on what time yous readin’ this here posty, meez just might be wiff me fellow Cat Scouts at da Norff Pole visitin’ wiff Santa Clause (virtually of course).  Or me might be at da nursin’ home playin’ Therapy Cat and singin’ Christmas Carols wiff mommy and visitin’ wiff da wesidents (fur da real).  Now speakin’ of Cat Scouts, me has to tell you sumfin’ pawsum.  As you know weez always duin’ sumfin’, and weez hav badges we can earn and ranks we can advance to.  Pawt of advancin’ in rank is because of those badges we earn.  Recently Den Master added anudder gwoup fur scouts to join and earn more points wiff.  It’s called Angels: Scouts helpin’ scouts.  It’s for those times when a scout needs a pick me up, a little extwa help or sumfin’ of da likes. 

 0dw Dezi Cat Scout Angel box

So anyways, yous know me not weally need a pick me up. Meez a very happy kitty. Meez got sis Lexi and mommy and all of you, ow furiends.  But, as you know weez not hav munny fur stuffs, and so weez sent out e-cawds stead of da snail mail kind.  And we wuz so blest this year dat one of ow Facebook awnties bought us a year wiff da Jacqie Lawson cawds so we had sum weally gweat ecawds we sent out.  And we got so many pawsum snail mail and email cawds.  Mommy sez hers gunna make a slidely out of ‘em fur us to post nex week.  And as you purrawlly gaddered, Santa won’t be visitin’ ow house.  And dat’s okay, again, me has all me needs.  Well we kuld do wiff sis Lexi bein’ nowmal again, but alas, dat’s not sumfin’ Santa kuld make happen.  And besides, she has eaten 3 meals in a row all up. Cleaned dda plte she has, and even asked fur more.  And even better, she’s kep it down. 

 0dw Dezi CS angel box

Anyways, we wuz visitin’ a little earlier today when da mail lady came knockin’ on ow door.  Mommy bwought a box in da house and sat down.  Lexi and me gaddered wound while mommy opened up da box.  When she got it cut open and da tissue paper pulled back, mommy’s eyes got all leaky.  She sat da box down and sis Lexi and me peered in and we got all warm and fuzzy inside.  Now me not knows ifin meez posed to keep da Scout’s name purrivate or not, so fur now, me will just say dat one of those Scout Angels sent a pawsum box.  Inside their wuz purresents all wrapped up in bootyful Christmas paper.  And sum cawds fur mailin’ out and an envelope.  Inside da envelope wuz a very bootyful Christmas cawd, a book of stamps.  Altho’ me not know why they be called a book when it’s weally a sheet.  And a gift cawd fur da Pizza Hut.   Fank you so much. Me weally purrecietes everyfin’ yous do fur all da scouts and me.  Yous da bestest. Smile  Mommy put da purrezzies unner da twee fur Christmas. But only after we did a little sniffin’ of ‘em first.  Weez not know what to say udder than Fank You.  Weez weally purreciate all yous dun.  Weez hope to weveal da name of this pawsum cat scout on Christmas, we just need to find out da wules first. 

Till da nex time………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi