Blest Sundays’ Angel Cats Christmas

Meowllo everypawdy!!!  Me sure did miss y’all.  Weez finally back.  Weez been visitin’ sum, but mommy can’t do much of da one fingered typin’ wequired by da iPad.  It wreaks havoc wiff hers cawpal tunnel.  But now we hav da lappy top back up and all da updates and purrogwams installed, we fink (MOL) so weez can finally comment on yous bloggies again.  WooHoo  Mommy sez to all of ya’, get yous sum of those fumm dwives and back up anyfin’ yous not wanna lose!!!  Cuz we lost a lot of stuffs dat weez can’t seem to find in any of those cloud places we use.  But at da end of da day weez glad da puter’s gunna be okay even tho’ we lost so much stuffs.  Dat can all be weplaced.     DA FOLLOWIN’ FOTOS BE IN NO PURRTICULAW ORDER. WEEZ JUST PUT THEM IN SLIDESHOWS AS THEY UPLOADED TO DA PUTER.  (SORRY WEEZ NOT BETTER ORGANIZED) 

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Now, on to better stuffs.  As you all know me had a kupple Angel Cats dat sent Christmas purresents.  And oh what a day we had.  When we got up of course we had ow special can of noms, 1 each.  And then we lounged wound wiff mommy fur a bit and lissened to da story of Jesus’ birff.  Then mommy got da camewa weady and down came da stockins.  Catnip and tweats a purrlenty wuz in them.  Shoko had sent us a big ole bag of dat Canadian nip, and mommy hid it in da stockins after givin’ us a little taste.  Mommy got a box of Canadian chocolates.  Then we stawted wiff da gifts fwum angel Gracie, meez fellow scout and da Sew Master.  When yous join Cat Scouts (here), Gracie can whip you up a uniform in no time.  Anyways, OMC da toys and tweats we got.  Fank you soooooo much Gracie, we luvved everyfin’.  We even got a “Red Dot” mousy.  Wait’ll you see da fotos of dat.  MOL  Yous can sure tell weez never played “red dot” afur.  MOL  

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Next, we got a Christmas cawd fwum anudder of meez fellow scouts.  Actually thwee of them and their furmily.  And in dat envelope, there wuz more than just a cawd.  Fank you so very much Tiger, Trouble, Dora and furmily.  Yous be so sweet and fawtful.  Luv, Luv, Luvved ow cawd and purrezzies.  And as you all know we write fur da Daily Mews, and Miss Pauline and Casey (cat) sent us da cutest little dangly legged mousys.  Fank you boff, weez luv ’em.   And meez Andy and hims furmily sent a bootyful cawd wiff a little extwa too.  Fank you Andy and furmily, yous so sweet. Ow Facebook awnty Lene and Princess sent us and mommy sum goody gifts too.  Fank you, yous awe da bomb.     

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And then we got to da anonymous angel cat gifts.  Oh da toys and tweats.  We played and ate tweats till we wuz worn plumm out.  Fank you soooooo much Angel Cat and furmily, you da bestest.  Mommy also got sum purrezzies fwum ow angel cats.  She luvs hers too.  We felt so special and gwatefull.  We awe so twuly Blest!  Ow Facebook awnty Jennifer and gwand awnty Peggy sent a gift cawd and mommy picked out ow gits fwum them and we got a Chia gawden of gwass and a Nekko wand attachment  Fank you boff and yous furmilies.  We weally purreciate y’all and all you do fur us.    

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We sure hope you all enjoyed yous Christmas as much as we did.  And based on da postys weez seen, you did!!!  Christmas comes but once a year and it’s da time fur spweadin’ da luv and good cheer.  Fank you so much to those of you hoo sent us cawds boff snail mail and email, and those of you hoo sent us gifts, and all of you hoo visit us.  We awe so Blest to hav so many wunnewful furiends.  Computer purrawlems and all we ended ow day cuddlin’ wiff mommy and countin’ ow every blessing.  

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Till da Nex time…………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra