OMC We’re Back

Meowllo everypawdy. Weez not yet had a chance to visit or weply to yous comments, but weez hav dun sum weadin, and YES we had a pawsum Christmas.  Me meowed and squeeked at mommy almost da whole day.  We didn’t get to go fur a stwoll cuz it wusn’t quite as warm as we had planned, but da nex warm day mommy purrawmisses weez goin’ stwollin.    

0dw Dezi and squeaky mouse

Now fur catputer news.  Weez back.  Sorta.  Fank Catness fur all ow facebook awnties and unkles and all of you.  We don’t zactly member what it’s called dat we did, but basically ow puter be back to da factowy settings, and it’s up and runnin.  But, since it be back to da factory settings, weez gotta twy to put everyfin back on it dat wuz there.  Me cat, do you know how long it takes to put a years worff of apps and stuffs on a puter?  Well it’s gunna take a while.  Weez did lose most all ow fotos, but mommy sez we hav lots of them on those little cawds dat go in da camewa cuz we hav a kupple of those cawds.  Mommy keeps sayin’ hers needs to get more so she dusn’t have to erase them all da time. (Sumfin she did fur da first foo times).  But she did say this time wound she wuz gunna do fings diffewent and da fumm dwive is gunna get lots of use.  MOL.  Just in case.  Weez be typin this on da iPad while windows updates 179.?? MB of updates.  And weez not even close to bein finished.  So weez gunna be behind again, but we will make it wound to visit you all shortly.        We spent so much time workin on da lappy top dat we didn’t figger out how to get ow fotos on here, so yous in fur more old fotos today, but we hope to be addin ow Christmas fotos to da nex posty.  😺   Wait’ll ya see what we got.  We sure awe Blest!!!          

0dw Lexi selfie BS

Till Da nex time………Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses.  😽

Dezi and Lexi