It’s Christmas Eve

OMC It’s Christmas Eve!!!  Can yous believe it?  Awe you weady?  Weady fur da big day?  We sure awe.  Lexi and me hav been checkin’ out ow twee since da day mommy put it up, and now dat it has purrezzies unner it weez weally keepin’ a close eye on it.  You know, don’t want nopawdy to steal anyfin’.  MOL  You know we knew dat Santa wuldn’t be visitin’ ow house this year and we wuz okay wiff dat.  We hav been so blest this year and knowin’ dat peeps hav to pay munny fur Santa to come and visit and knowin’ how tuff this year has been fur everypawdy, we didn’t spect anyfin’ unner ow twee.  And ow Christmas wuz still gunna be purrfect cuz we wuz tugedder and hav so much luv tween us.  And we wuz gunna see what all ow furiends got and be happy fur you.  Now dat we hav purrezzies, we be very gwateful. They be da icin’ on top dat just made christmas at ow house even more pawsum. You know da build up fur Christmas is so big da stawt of a New year kinda gets lost in it all.  But next week be da end of 2014 and da beginnin’ of 2015.  A whole new year.  And wiff it da need fur new calendaws.  Did you all get yous Cat Blogosphere calendaws?  This be ow first year bloggin’ and all so weez not sure how all this works, but weez do know dat they awe still available fur purchase on  And weez be in da calendaw too.  Wight alongside lots more of yous favowit cat bloggers.  Altho’ you purrawlly can’t giv it fur Christmas, hey, everypawdy needs a gweat calendaw fwu out da year.  So don’t delay, get yous calendaw wight now.   


Click on da foto to order

yous calendaw now.

Me wuld also like to tell you ‘bout a new “bloggy”.  Now me will be honest and tell ya’ dat meez not member zactly hooz idea it wuz cuz meez dear furiend Easy weminded everypawdy yesfurday dat hims didn’t fink of it, hims just a writer on it.  Anyways, it’s da POTP blog.  It’s fur those times when yous need purrayers, or need a little pick me up cuz sumfin’ bad be goin’ on at yous purrlace.  Yous can let one of those hoo write fur it know, or leave yous wequest in da contact form in da sidebaw wiff a foto ifin pawsible.    

This be ow calendaw page.
This be ow calendaw page.

Now we know dat yous all weally busy and gots lots of stuffs to do so no long posty today.  Mommy’s gunna make a pie.  Hers didn’t get it dun fur Fanksgivin’ but had bought da ingwedients so she’s gunna make it today.  And then tomowwo…WooHoo weez gunna be openin’ ow Angel purrezzies.  Weez can’t wait. And maybe by then mommy will have had da time to make a slidely of all ow pawsum Christmas cawds.  We weally do purreciate them all.

 L n D Merry Christmas - 2HEoW-1dj - normal

You know when we stawted bloggin’ earlier this year we never magined we wuld be here like this wiff so many pawsum furiends.  We fink ‘bout each and everyone of you all da time. We purray fur you daily and awe so gwateful to be a pawt of yous lives.  Altho’ we never magined bein’ here, we sure awe glad dat we awe.  We so wish each and every kitty dat hits blogville lookin’ fur a furever home kuld hav one as wunnewful as ours.  Every time we read one of yous postys ‘bout a kitty needin’ a home we share it and shoot up a little purrayer wight then and there askin’ God to send da bestest mostest pawsumest furever home.  And everytime we get an email sayin’ dat sumpawdy shared ow share weez whisper a fank you cuz dat means those kitties awe bein’ seen by even more peeps.  You know we be pure bwed kitties, but we awe also wescued.  Weez no more or less special than any udder kitty out there.  Da only fing dat sets us apawt is dat we found mommy.  Or radder mommy found us, and we claimed her.  But fur mommy we wulda boff been dead by now fur sure.  Fur savin’ us mommy, Fank you.  We luv you very much.

Till da nex time……………Be Blest and


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

  Dezi and Lexi