Christmas Catputer Woes

Meowllo and a very Merry Christmas to you all.  We had planned a special Christmas posty but as most of you know fings don’t always go as planned.  You know dat road to hell and all.  Anyways, ow catputer’s been a fweezin’ up a lot lately and well you know weez not know nuffin’ ’bout puters, so mommy’s been twyin’ to move as many of our fotos as she kuld to make more room.  But last night it fwoze up and wuldn’t unfweeze. So mommy had to shut it down impurrop-purrly and twy to turn it back on.  When she did dat all dat happened wuz da wollin’ circle of endless torture.  Dat’s what mommy calls it.  So we just shut it down and went to bed.  This meownin’ we ate ow bwekky and stawted openin’ ow purrezies and takin’ fotos of course, and then we turned on da puter.  Alas, da wollin’ circlcle of endless torture and it sed ” Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete.”  Wow, dat’s da twuff, cuz it’s been duin’ dat all day.  Dat and nuffin’ else.  Mommy’s not good wiff da iPad, hers fingers be too big and she needs a keyboard to type, so weez just not sure what weez gunna be duin’ yet.  And she’s not familiar wiff how to use it fur meez bloggy and all.  She had twied to write a bloggy fur me wight after she got it, but dat didn’t go very well. MOL  Weez still payin’ fur this puter and da warranty is over and we hav no gween papers to pay sumpawdy to fix it.  Mommy hadn’t had da chance to get all ow fotos twansferred, so they may be lost, and weez not know how to get them here.  

0dw Stockings2

So, no gweat new fotos today, or bad ones eever fur dat matter.  But we do hope yous all hav a pawsumly Merry and Blest Christmas.  We will be duin’ da bestest we can to get out posts and visits, purrlease bear wiff us duwin’ this time till we get it all figgered out.  We awe so gwateful to hav so many pawsum furiends.  Each and everyone of you mean da world to us.

 So, till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi