Blest Sunday

Wow this week went by so fast me can hawdly believ it.  It’s time fur anudder Blest Sunday posty and after missin’ last week we fur sure wusn’t gunna miss this week too.  Now we did get a little behind in ow visitin’, mommy had a pawful migwaine all day yesfurday, so she did as little as pawssible, but we hope today’s better.  It’s also selfie Sunday wiff ow wunnewful furiends, da Kitties Blue.  Lookit dat we membered. MOL  But there wuz sumfin’ els we purrawmissed to do and then kep furgettin’.  See ow gawjus furiend Marty da manx is/wuz celebwatin’ da 12 days of Christmas wiff Chase the Sheltie.  Today weez postin a foto of Lexi eatin’ tweats. Smile      

12 days of Christmas wiff Chase.
12 days of Christmas wiff Chase.

So now to ow Blessings cuz you know we hav sum.  Well yous know me sed mommy had a pawful head ache so she laid down and Lexi crawled up wight over hers head and stawted purrin’.  Mommy sez dat be da absolute best medicine fur a migwaine, and it weally duz cause da blood vessels to welax and cause da blood flow to wegulate again.  So, there’s a mess dat turned into a bless.  And yous all know weez write a mummffly awticle fur da Daily Mews wight? Well ow Christmas awticle is out now, Paw/Click here to read it. And don’t furget to subscwibe to weceive yous mummfly email wiff da latest mews and awticles.  There’s even funnies and helps.  Ifin yous not gettin’ da mewsletter yet, yous missin’ out.  

 0dw Dezi Selfie

As  we hav sed many times, you, ow furiends awe always a blessing. We awe so purroud and honored to be a pawt of so many wunnewful communities.  We hav furiends fwum all over da globe and cherish each and everyone of you.  Me also has a favor to ask you all. See sis Lexi hasn’t been feelin’ tippy top lately.  Hers not eatin’ very much and losin’ a lot of weight.  Of course mommy be worried ‘bout her.  So ifin you kuld send up a purrayer or two me sure wuld purreciate it.         

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi