A Snow Filled Funday Monday

Meowllo and happy funday Munday to you all.  Weez been a purrawmissin’ to tell ya’ ‘bout da snow dumpin’ incident and so guess what?  Today’s da day.  Weez not hav any actual fotos of da incident as we didn’t even hav a digital camewa back then.  And to be honest, when fings like this happens, gwabbin’ a camewa is kinda da last fing on mommys mind. Member it’s just da thwee of us, and only one of us thwee has fumms.  So anyways, me needs to set it up a bit fur ya’.     

 000dw Dezi on perch

Da year wuz 2010, so me wuz still weally yung.  Mommy had just had surgewy a kupple weeks afur and wuz wecovewin’ weally well.  And it wuz winter, and very cold.  And when we woke up one meownin’ there wuz a blanket of white stuffs all over da gwound.  Me had never seen anyfin’ like it.  Me wuz a little tyke da year afur and so me dusn’t know ifin any of this happened then or not.  Anyways, when mommy opened da door dat meownin’ and me hopped up on meez perch to look outside me wuz amazed.  Me kep lookin’ outside and then back at mommy and mewin’.  When mommy finally told me it wuz snow.  Well me didn’t hav a clue what this snow wuz, but it sure looked purretty.  Sis Lexi kep tellin’ me it wuz pawfully cold out there but me didn’t care. Me weally wanted to go out in it.  Me ate a little bit and then just kep runnin’ to da door and then back to mommy. 

 0dw Dezi laying with nana

Mommy finally seemed to get da message and told me dat it wuz way to cold fur meez naked paws to be owt walkin’ wound so ifin me wanted to go it wuz gunna hav to be on mommy’s lap.  So she told me to bwing da chair over to her, and me kinda ignored her.  Well me finally got tired of dat and weally wanted to go out and see this snow.  Me didn’t unnewstand why Lexi didn’t wanna go.  Anyways, me bwought da chair to mommy and hers stawted to get weady.  She put meez hawness on and then meez leash.  Mommy picked me up and we boff sat in da chair.  Mommy dwove us over to da door and weached up to unlock it and me put meez mouff on da joystick.

 0dw Lexi coming up steps

Mommy barely got da door open when meez pushed da joystick furward,  and out da door we went.  And wight off da porch and into da snow.  Da chair tipped furward and me dug meez little claws wight into mommys sweat pants.  Me wuz hangin’ on fur dear life.  Da foot rest of da chair had been buwied under da snow so mommy’s nerve damaged alweady numb feets wuz in da smow pushin’ and twyin’ to keep da chair fwum tippin’ us stwaight into da snow.  By this time Lexi wuz over at da door standin’ on hers back paws wiff hers fwunt paws restin’ gently on da still open door.  She wusn’t comin’ out to join us dat’s fur sure.  Hmmmmm meez wunnerwin’ ifin maybe she knows sumfin’ me shulda knowed.  MOL  Mommys feets keep sinkin’ deeper and deeper into da snow and da chair be leanin’ mowe and mowe and meez claws awe stawtein’ to rip mommy’s sweats.  And nopawdy’s comin’ to help us.  

 000Lexi Blue Spiral Xmas - 2HEoW-1dh - normal

Everytime  mommy’s feet slip into the snow, Dezi’s claws dig in a little bit deeper  until finally they hit mommys skin.  Mommy hollered and sed,  “Dezi, honey, I’ve got you. Please you’ve gotta retract you’re claws. You’re hurtin’ me.”  Dezi’s eyes had gone fwum saucer size to full blown dinner plate size.  Not ow plates, a mommy’s size plate.  When all of a sudden a bird flew past us outta nowhere.  It stawtled mommy and skeered me and sis Lexi hoo wuz still at da door watchin’.  When sissyfur got skeered she dwopped to da floor and accidentally pushed against da door.  Da door opened and outta those plate size eyes meez saw da warmff of da house and it wuz callin’ meez name.  Me pushed off mommy’s lap and leapt toward da door and da inside.  But afur me kuld get inside, da door slammed shut. 

 000Dezi Christmas fir-tree! - 2HEoW-1dg - normal

And there me wuz standin’ on da cold snowy gwound.  Yous wulda fawt it wuz hot coals da way me danced wound.  And everytime meez paws hit da gwound they wuld sink a little bit further down.  Meez gunna be buried unner da snow me fawt.  Well wiffout me in hers lap diggin’ meez claws into hers legs, mommy wuz able to wight da chair.  Mommy got da chair back up on da snow covered sidewalk and Just then she saw me buried in snow up to meez chin. Me had sank so low me kuldn’t even jump anymore, and all mommy kuld do wuz laff.  Mommy reached down and picked me up and back into da house we came.  Me jumped down so fast yous head wulda spun.  Me wuz shivewin’ so mommy took me to da back and got da blow dwyer to dwy me off and warm me up wiff.  Me wuz finally gettin’ warm.  Now mommy had to take off hers soakin’ wet socks and torn up sweat pants.  A foo hours later we wuz all finally warmed up   But everytime mommy came toward me dat day me wuld run and hide cuz me musta fawt dat she wuz gunna take me back outside.  MOL  Soz dat’s how meez accidentally caused mommy and me to go playin’ in da snow.  Meez gotta tell ya’ me never wants to do dat again.  Well hope yous enjoyed ow snowin’ funday Monday.  

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Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi