You Just Fawt We Were Busy…

Meowllo, did you miss me?  Yeah meez been missin’ in action again. But fur good weason, just wait’ll you hear all ‘bout it.  But first me has to say to those of you on Blogger, it seems weez hav to purrove dat we not be wobots. And well, weez not gettin’ da easy nummers, weez gettin’ all those hawd to see/read words. So cuz weez behind and havin’ to do dat, mommy is pickin’ 1 posty out of da ones weez missed and be readin’ to comment on.  So altho’ we be readin’ da postys we missed weez not be commentin’.  Even tho’ mommy had da cataract surgery her still dusn’t hav purrfect eyesight, and it be kind of hawd to make out da letters.  We just wanted to let you know what wuz goin’ on. 

 Dezi Happy Winter - 2HEoW-1d4 - normal

So now on to today’s posty.  We told you da udder day ‘bout ow busy doctor day Furiday.  Well mommy had a eye doctor pointment on Monday in da city.  Dat means we be out of pocket fur most of da day.  Cuz mommy twies to combine a lot of stuff into these twips we take.  So mommy had hers pointment and we wusn’t weal sure what hims wuz gunna check.  Of course we wuz runnin’ late, what’s new?. MOL  So we got back to da room and lo and behold they dilated mommys eyes.  She kuldn’t see nuffin’.  MOL  Anyways da doctor told mommy dat everyfin’ looked good and hers not hav a detached retina.  WooHoo  Good news.  So after we finished up there and mommy kuld see sumfin’ besides white spots we headed over to da local pet store.  Awe yous wunnewin’ why?  Cuz like we told you dat we shop online wiff lots of times wight?  Well weez gunna be havin’ ow very first ever give away here afur Christmas.  And we got a coupon fwum da company to use at da store to pick up da purroduct fur ow weview/giv away.  And well we can’t go to a pet store wiffout walkin’ wound and checkin’ everyfin’ out and lettin’ me meet all da peeps.  And of course mommy had to pick up a can of special noms fur ow Christmas dinner.  So furever later when there wuz nopawdy left to make over me, we left. 

Come on mommy, weez gunna be late. Step on it, won't ya'?!
Come on mommy, weez gunna be late. Step on it, won’t ya’?!

Mommy needed to go by wally world.  When we got there mommy saw a kupple police caws sittin in da pawkin’ lot.  Not dat  weez  not used to seein’ ‘em, and wiff da season here it’s good to hav them there to purrtect all da Christmas shoppers.  So of course weez not bweakin’ any laws and don’t intend too, so da police men didn’t bodder us not one bit.  So we got a buggy and went to look wound.  Mommy wanted to purrice da keyboards fur hers new iPad dat she won, and OMC weez kuldn’t believ what they wuz sellin’ those little fings fur.  Mommy sed, “Oh Catness Dezi I’m gunna be savin’ up fur furever to buy one of those.”  mommy weally liked da one wiff da backlit/see in da dawk keys.  And so even tho’ weez can’t afford to send weal cawds mommy decided this twip wuld be a gweat time to look at all da cawds.  First let me just tell you da last time mommy wuz able to send a cawd they wuz still $.50 cents.  Yous kuld buy da ginormous poster size fur like $3.00.  So boy did we get a shock when mommy looked at da purrices. MOL  OMC just a wegular cawd dat duz nuffin’ (weez’ll get back to this) and dusn’t even say very much wuz $5.00.  Mommy wuz shocked.  Anyways, she also noticed dat lots of cawds awen’t just cawds anymore.  So mommy opened this cawd up and suddenly me heard meowin’ all over da place.  What?, me fawt.  Anudder kitty in Walmart?  Me fawt me wuz da only kitty dat went into wallly world.  Me wuz lookin’ everywhere and just kuldn’t spot dat kitty.  And just as suddenly as it stawted it wuz over and da udder kitty went quiet.  Me twied to meow dat it wuz okay and it didn’t need to hide, but it just wuldn’t listen and come out.  A foo minutes later and me heard a lot of kittties.  They wuz siging’ sumfin’, me just kuldn’t make it out.  They got quiet lots quicker than da first kitty did tho’, so me didn’t even bodder twyin’ to help them out.  There wuz kids and police men wiff guns everywhere.  OMC It wuz Shop wiff a Cop night.  No wunner da store wuz jamm packed.  Anyways, we wondered wound da store a bit and finally got da foo fings we went in there fur and headed home.  By dat time it wuz pitch black outside.  And gettin’ cold. Member me told you mommy wuz runnin’ late?  Well hers had been wearin’ a short sleeve top, and she furgot to get a jacket, so now she wus fureezin’. MOL   Well anyways, dat    wuz our day and we wuz just plain xausted when it wuz over.  So weez didn’t even get on da puter to check emails. 

 0dw Lexi and tree2014

Oh and weez hav more of those stupid inspections today, so Lexi and me gotta get our hissers weady. Yous know weez not like da manager, wight? Well weez gotta be weady to tell hers off.  And don’t furget weez gunna be havin’ ow very first giv away weal soon.  And let me just tell you it’s a Biggy. 

Till  da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi