We’re Growing Fins

Meowllo everypawdy. Maybe me shuld make a fishy mouff and say hey. Yep it’s stowmin’ again. Course we knew we was in fur mow rain, we just didn’t know there wuld be stowms too. And when mommy and hers doctor was visitin’ at hers pointment him was sayin’ dat we be in a critical drought. Now meez just a kitty so me dusn’t unnerstand just how we can be in a drought wiff all da rain we be getting’, but pawently it’s so and we need all this rain. And truff is it’s always rainy here in May. Mommy sez there’s a human sayin’ dat April showers bwing May flowers. But we get April AND May showers and then sum burnt up June flowers. (it gets really hot). So yesfurday ‘bout 45 minutes afur meez Cat Scoout pawrty stawted there was a stweak of light dat lit up da dawkened sky and then da heavens opened and da angels tears fell. It didn’t let up but fur ‘bout 30 minutes last night so me missed da pawrty. Anyways, sissy wanted to tell y’all ‘bouut a pawsum fing dat happened this week, so me will turn it over to her now.  

 dw Dezi1420

Lexi: Fanks Dezi. Hey y’all hope youz had a grayt day yesfurday. I’z need to give ya’ a bit ov background afur I’z tell ya’ da newz udderwize youz won’t git it. So az you all know I’z habz a facebook page called Alexandra and Furiends. Which by da way ifin youz not pawed dat like buttoon, purrlease click minez name and click like, or scroll down a bit here on our bloggy and click the like button on minez facebook feed. Anyways, the udder side of facebook is unner minez and Deziz name too. And it inkludez minez birffday so it showz me az da 16 year old I iz. Itz nebber binn a purrawblem till recently and mommy kuldn’t enter a contezt fur coffee cuz it used our facebook purrofile and youz had to be 18. So we asked a few furiendz to enter fur usm and they did. It waz no big deal and mommy didn’t give it anudder fawt.. And then while vizitin’ our furiend Truffles da udder day we found minez age an issue once again.  

 dw Lexi1494 regeneril

Truffles waz habbin’ a give away fur a new purroduct dat kuld help this old gal. We don’t alwayz enter give awayz, lessen it be sumfin’ we really want or wuld like to try. And this waz just one ov those timez when we really wanted to enter. So we entered our email address and clicked enter and we got a message weez nebber seen afur. It sd, “it appears you do not meet the age requirements.” Hmmmmmmm What you talkin’ ‘bout, we fawt. So we did it again. This time mommy looked at all da options and saw we kuld sign in wiff facebook, twitter or email. Well, we nebber sign into anyfin’ wiff facebook or twitter, so when we got da message da second time we kuld only assume da contest widget was hackin’ into our facebook and getting’ minez birffday and ov course I’z still not 18. So we kuldn’t eeben enter fur a chance to win da give away. We wished eberpawdy good luck and told Truffles and Miss Melissa why we kuldn’t enter in our comment and then went on wiff our day. Da next timme we checked our email Miss Melissa had sent us a note saying she was sorry we kuldn’t enter but dat she had a extwa bottle of da Regeneril and fawt dat it might be weally good fur me. And dat she had sum noms she wuld like to give us too. OMC We are so very blest. And I’z like da regeneril. Mommy sez it smells purretty strong to her, but I lick It up. Mommy puts it in minez baby food glob wiff minez udder medsinz. so I’z wanna say a meowsy big Fank ya’ to Truffles and Miss Melissa fur sharin’.  

 dw Lexi1495 truffles

Me wants to say fank you too, cuz weez only been usin’ it a kupple days now, but we sure hope it helps.

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi


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