Could You Love Me Furever?

Well it’s June alweady. And do you know what dat means? Yeah it duz mean warmer wedder and cook outs and vacation time, but it also means kitten season is in purrime swing. Shelters and rescues everywhere awe filled to da bwim wiff adowable cuddly kitties and cats. And all they be wantin’ is a warm place to call home, full bellies and luv. And in return they will offer you unconditional luv and adowation. Affection, purrs and a fluffy lap blanky. It’s also Adopt a Shelter Cat Mumff. We know yous alweady seen lots of our baby fotos, but mommy kuldn’t wesist just 1.

 0dw Dezi baby in a basket

dw Lexi in box

 As you all know sis Lexi and me be rescues. Mommy saved us boff fwum certain death. And as most of you also know neever of us had to spend any time in a shelter or a cage, so we don’t know what dat be like. But we can magine and know dat we wuldn’t like it. Ifin yous missed da stowries of our beginnings, you can read them in mommys Luv letters to us, here and here. There’s lots of reasons fur a kitty to be at da shelter. Sum awe there cuz they were picked up off da stweets as stways. And sum of them be there cuz there hoomans didn’t want them anymore. We weally can’t unnewstand how a furmily kuld take their furry to a place dat’s gunna lock ‘em in a cage and maybe even kill ‘em. But it happens all da time. Sumtimes they report dat da kitty peed on da floor stead of da pawdee box, or maybe they suddenly developed an allergy. Or they be movin’ sumwhere dat dusn’t allow pets. Why wuld you do dat? Yous wuldn’t move off and leave yous two legged kids behind. And here’s one of our favowits, “ I’m pregnant and can’t clean the litterbox without getting Toxoplasmosis.” The last time mommy volunteered wiff da clinic she actually saw and heard a lady say dat wiff a stwaight face, Da liklihood of dat happenin’ is so low it isn’t even funny. But there she was and da poor kitty not knowin’ what be goun’ on at all. Anyways, Lexi and me know how lucky and blest we awe, and twy to fank mommy everyday. And we purray fur all da kitties dat not be as blest as us. We hope da day comes when there’s no longer a need fur shelters cuz all kitties have luvvin’ furever homes and be spayed or neutered.

 dw Lexi4064

So why shuld you adopt a kitty dat be in a shelter? Well don’t you wanna save a life? Cuz dat be zactly what you be duin’. And as we sed earlier you will be on da weceivin’ end of sum gwatefull purrs. and unconditional love. Lots of shelters be runnin’ specials wight now so you can pick up a kitty or two at a discount. Now you know you wanna. Mommy sez she never wants to know what life be like wiffout us. She sez we be so smawrt and purrfect and make life worff livin’. Now don’t you need a weason to get up in da meownin’s? Well a kitty can do dat fur ya’. And 2 kitties is even twice da weason. And ifin yous purrvide us wiff a scwatchin’ post we won’t even scwatch up yous furniture. Give us sum nip and weez’ll keep ya’ entertained. And a few toys, wegular VET checks, quality noms, and purrawmiss to luv us furever and weez’ll give you many years of companionship and comfurt. Weez’ll be there fur ya’ when you gwaduate, or bweak up wiff dat no good fur nuffin’ so and so, or get da gweat job purrmotion, or even ifin yous lose yous job. No matter what, weez’ll be there to luv you fwu it all. And weez’ll never judge ya’. And weez smawrt too. After all, mommy twained us to be Service cats. And weez be weally clean. We bathe ourselves just fine. Sum of us play fetch. Whatever yous lookin’ fur there be a kitty out there fur ya’.

There’s also a contest goin’ on wight now you might wanna check out. Click here to read all ’bout it.

 dw Dezi1451

So me asks ya’, Could you luv me furever? There’s a me waitin’ wight now at a shelter or rescue organization near you.. Give ‘em a call and Save A Life today. Purrlease feel furee to share our warm and entertaining post ’bout Savin’ a life.



Till da next time…………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi


64 thoughts on “Could You Love Me Furever?

  • Yes, I could love a precious baby forever. I do, and will again. A precious life and the innocent love is worth all the pain when they fly away.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Furabulus bloggie Dezi an Lexi!!!
    Mee Aunty Nylablue was goin to bee put inn thee Shelter because thee purrson who had was pregnant an used that xcuse! The purrson’ss Sister who runs thee Sheltur was berry uppyset an shee called LadyMum an begged her to resckue Aunty befur shee endedup at her Shelter. An LadyMum did an you know they were together fur 8+ yeerss….
    Mee was a resckue of a differint sort. Lady Ellen wood have kept mee butt mee wood have been a barn kat an with a wonky eye that wood not have been so grate fur mee! LadyMum watched all thee littul kits getting adopted butt not mee. So all mee had to do was climm thee X-pen an mee climmed into her heart 😉
    Thee rest iss history……
    paw kissess
    Siddhartha Henry xxx

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    • Fank you. Da ‘scuses peeps use make us sick cuz they usually be stupid. Weez glad yous mommy was able to save you boff. Weez awe da blest ones. Have a pawsum day.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

      Liked by 1 person

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