Service Cat and Therapy Cat: Not da Same

OMC Meez got so many nice comments and lots of new followews. Fank you Sammy fur sendin’ evewpawdy meez way. 🙂  

Anyways, you’s all wanna heaw ’bout  what meez and  sis Lexi  du fur mommy and how we’s lewned.  so, as purromised meez stowy will stawt Munday. But afuw we’s can stawt dat we’s need tu cleaw a foo fings up and giv you’s sum descwiptions and a little back stowy.  So fuw da nex foo days meez will be tellin’ ’bout mommy’s fiwst evew service kitty and  da diffewence in a “Service animal” and a “Therapy animal.” So, fiwst fings fiwst.   A service animal is an animal dat is specifically twained tu do wowk or tasks fuw a purrsun wiff a disability.  In 2011 the ADA changed da wules and definitions yet agin tu say dat  only dogs  are recognized are service animals. Howevew cewtifications and licensin’ is not wequired. And any animal dat meets dis definition is considewed a “Service animal” or “Assistance animal.”  Often people confuse “Service animals” and “Therapy animals”  and fink dey are one in da same, but dat is not da case.


A “Therapy animal” is defined as an animal that has been twained in obedience and scweened fuw it’s ability tu get along wiff and be comfurtable  wiff humans and uddew animals.  Da main purrpose fuw a “Therapy animal” is tu purrvide comfuwt and suppowt and affection tu those in hospitals, nuwsin’ homes, schools, hospices, cwisis centews and da like.  Agin these animals are usually considewed tu be dogs. But many uddew species includin’ cats are entewin dis field.  You can visit da ADA, Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act, etc. fuw fuwthew definitions and rights. “Therapy animals” and der handlews hav no purrtections undew da law whereas “Service animals”  and der ownews du. Each state may also make and hav laws dat guvewn and affowd additional wights and purrtections, but you’s must check wiff each state afuw assumin’ anyfin’. 


Well now dat we’s got da business outta da way, da nex foo posts will be more fun. Tumowwow meez will tell you’s all ’bout Shad, mommy’s fiwst evew Service Cat. In da meantime, purrlease membew dat all of you fuwwy’s are special. And just cuz meez a Service cat dusn’t mean dat meez bettew den you’s or you’s fuwwy’s. It just means dat meez has a “JOB”.  MOL             So, Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!



Hmmmm What shuld meez say fiwst??
Hmmmm What shuld meez say fiwst??


Mommy, meez wants tu tell dem da difference 'tween a Service cat and a Therapy cat.
Mommy meez wants tu tell dem da difference ‘tween a Service cat and a Therapy Cat.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



23 thoughts on “Service Cat and Therapy Cat: Not da Same

    1. You’s welkum awnty Mary Beth. Meez finks cuz of da comments wees get sumtimes lots of people don’t so wees decided tu post da diffewence. 🙂 Hav a Pawsum day!! 😀

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


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