The Old(s) Recall Alert

WooHoo It’s Furiday and one day closer to Christmas.  Can yous believ it?  Mommy found ow stockings, so they’ve been hung up on da doors of da hutch.  Well da twee is on top of da fireplace so there’s no more room there. MOL  As yous seen in fotos we hav a small lectwic fireplace, so there’s no mantle or flue or need fur wood.  But dat be a good fing.  It means mommy’s not likely to smoke us outta da house. Dat’s a whole nudder story and long afur meez time.  Just west assured weez much better off wiff da lectwic fireplace.  Meez been lookin’ into those give away widgets cuz meez havin’ meez first give away comin’ up soon, and so we sure hope lots of you enter. Weez’ll be tellin’ ya’ more ‘bout it weal soon.  Cuz me bets yous all wunnewin’ just what it is weez be givin’ away wight?   

 0dw Lexi tree

In udder news, mommy and me awe gunna be at da caw dealership today gettin’ da wecalls fixed. And meez sure mommy’s got udder errands fur us to run too.  So weez purrawlly won’t get much visitin’ dun tomowwo, but weez’ll get caught back up over da weekend.  And weez hopin’ dat blogger stops finkin’ we be wobots.  Cuz yous wuld be supwised how many times mommy gets da code wong. MOL Yous wuld fink dat wuld be purroof pawsitive weez not be wobots.  After all wuld a ‘puter get da wong answer?  Accordin’ to da bank, ‘puters awe never wong.  Anyways, weez twyin’ to make as many comments as we can so long as mommy can get da wight letters in da wight box.  Meez also gunna be goin’ to da nursin’ home wiff mommy and playin’ Therapy kitty soon.  You know me be a Service cat first and foremost, but mommy also wegistered me as a Therapy kitty so me kuld make sum visits and  hopefully cheer up sum folks.  Yous know da holidays can be a weally hawd time fur sum peeps.  

 Dezi kisses Merry Christmas - 2HEoW-1d9 - normal

Oh and lots of ya’ hav been askin’ ‘bout da time me dwove mommy and me off into da snow, so weez will be tellin’ dat story here shortly.  Just member, it wuz an accident. MOL  Twust me, nopawdy wuld ever wanna purrpussly go fur a stwoll in dat cold stuffs.  Well guess me better run and see what’s makin’ all dat noise outside at this hour.  And let mommy get a little sleep so hers can be wide awake fur ow twip.  Weez hav to go into da little city to get da caw fixed so me guesses weez’ll also be takin’ anudder twip to da Wally World. Hope yous all hav a pawsum Furiday and weez’ll see you tomowwo.     

 0dw 2014 DezinLexi xmas card

We sent out e-cawds, but fur those of you hoo wuld like a purrintable/copy & paste cawd, here it is again. Ow holiday Merry Christmas cawd.

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi


41 thoughts on “The Old(s) Recall Alert

  • You two make very cute Santa Kitties and your card is pawsome. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  • I love your card!!! I have made Mum grab it to put in our next display. I hope you don’t mind, but she puts music with it and everything?!! The bot thing is driving everyone barmy!! I hope it’s sorted soon!! x0x

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  • I am SO not ready for Christmas, thank u. I’ll b workin my hiney off & TRYIN to get my gifts wrapped & shipped…oops, did I say “shipped?” Hmmm. Must have been a slip… Plus I STILL don’t have my tree up yet. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. At least I’m almost done shopping. Except for grocery shopping. That’s a never ending chore. I’ll b making my oodles of shortbread this weekend, I hope. Sometime the best laid plans go kaput. I’m willing to bet ur mommy would like some of that shortbread, amirite?

    Love u & mommy too!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Yous wuld be oh so wight awnty Theresa. But only ifin yous can spare sum. Weez can’t believ yous not hav yous twee up wiff yous little twain. Cuz weez can’t wait to hear how Indy takes to da choo choo. MOL But we do know what yous mean by not enuff hours in a day. MOL Mommy sez dat all da time. Weez hopin’ everyfin’ goes well fur ya’ and hoo cares ’bout da best laid plans. Sumtimes after Christmas is even better. 🙂

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

      Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra


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