Angel Cat Blessings

Meowllo everypawdy.  We sure hope yous enjoyed ow snow story yesfurday.  Weez haven’t weally had da chance to read yous comments.  See when weez got up yesfurday there wuz a notice on da fwunt door fwum da manager.  She wuz sayin’ dat da snoopervisor wuz gunna be here on da 23rd fur inspections.  Mommy got upset. Firstly ow lease sez dat management may enter ow pawtments once a mumff fur inspections and dat it may coincide wiff extermination, filter checks, etc. and only after weceivin’ a 48 hour notice.  And ifin yous wecall, weez alweady had an inspection this mumff.  And secondly, hoo duz inspections 2 days afur Christmas?  These peeps dat’s hoo.  They’ve gotta be da mostest misewable peeps in da world to wanna diswupt peeps so offen.  So mommy be purretty aggwavated dat as usual management wants to bweak da rules.  And just in case mommy decides to let her in she wuz busy twyin’ to get more stuffs put away.  Member dat closet me told yous ‘bout?  MOL   

Mommy sez this be fur everypawdy dat doubts we like to play in da water. She wuz twyin' to get weady fur a shower when sis Lexi decided to jump in and get a dwink. MOL
Mommy sez this be fur everypawdy dat doubts we like to play in da water. She wuz twyin’ to get weady fur a shower when sis Lexi decided to jump in and get a dwink. MOL

On a much happier note, guess what else happened yesfurday?  Da mail lady (weez hav a lady) came a knockin’ on ow door.  Actually, she didn’t knock, mommy saw hers comin’ up da walk and met her at da door.  And she had a box in hers hands dat she handed to mommy.  Mommy bwought it in and looked at it.  Of course me had to examine it wight away too.  And good fing, cuz it wuz fur me.  Mommy looked a bit worried and sed, “hmmm I don’t remember ordering anything honey, what do you suppose this is?”  Me wuz like, me don’t know mommy just open it!!!  So mommy got out da scissors and cut da tape and………OMC  there wuz purrezziez in dat there box.  They sed they wuz fwum meez Angel Cat, can yous believ it?  Me has a Angel Cat.  Me wuz checkin’ it all out and looked at mommy and hers had water dwops runnin’ down hers face.  And she wuz smilin’ at me diggin’ wound in da box.  Me gave mommy a nose bump and a kissy and then she stawted to pull da wrapped purrezzies out and there wuz this big ole bag unner them.  Me stuck meez head in (to check it out of course) and there wuz stuffs fur mommy too.  Me jumped up in hers lap and all dat water comin’ fwum hers eyes stawted fallin’ all over me.  Mommy wuz huggin’ me so tight and tellin’ me how much she luvved me and how special me wuz to hav such pawsum furiends.  Me finks wiff furiends like weez hav hoo needs santa?.

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You know Santa never visited ow house till last year, and we knew hims wusn’t gunna come by this year and we wuz okay wiff dat.  We hav been so blest this year wiff all da help yous all gave us duwin’ and after da flood.  We kuldn’t hav asked fur anyfin’ more.  And yet here we awe wiff purresants unner ow twee and mommy even put one in ow stockins.  Where, wumor has it, she’s hidden dat Canadian nip and da silervervine weez hav left.  Anyways, we wanna say a meowsy big Fank You to meez Angel Cat hoo ever yous awe.  Weez be sendin’ yous lots of hugs and kitty kisses.  Wow last week we got a box fwum Gracie and this week an Angel Cat and all da bootyful Christmas cawds weez weceived. Fank you all so very much.  And one of ow Facebook awnties sent us a Walmart gift cawd.  Yous know, me needs anudder blest Sunday afur Christmas.  Altho’ at ow house weez count ow blessings everyday so this is just fine.  

 0dw Stockings2

Now me has had so much else goin on so me wants to pawlogize fur not postin’ sooner, but me weceived an award.  Meez furiend Shrimp over at da Hairball Express gave me da Harmony and Peace award a foo weeks back.  Meez always honored to weceiv awards, but me weally duz purreciate this one cuz we do like to fink weez awe livin’ in harmony and peace at ow house.   Me just hates to list peeps fur an award cuz me will always furget sumpawdy, so meez just gunna say, ifin yous feel harmony and peace then purrlease take it.  It is da season fur such, so me knows yous all be havin’ da warm fuzzies.  Fank you Shrimp.    

 Harmony & peace Award hairballexpress12-14

Me wuld also like to ask fur yous all to continue to purray fur sis Lexi.  She has good days and bad.  Yesfurday meownin’ she ate hers whole plate and kep it down.  Then last night, she ate hers whole plate and fwu it all up.  She’s be hungwy she just needs to be able to keep it and get da nutwients fwum it.  And mommy’s allergies hav turned into full blown walkin’ pneumonia.  She called da doctor yesfurday to get sum antibiotics, but hims didn’t call them in and hims didn’t call her, so she’s’ll be callin’ hims back again today.  Fank you all again, fur yous luv and support.    

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi 

51 thoughts on “Angel Cat Blessings

  • Oh noes! I hope this reply finds Lexi feeling better, & mommy too. Sorry I haven’t been here lately, a lot has been going on & I needed a break from the Internet for a while.

    Love u & mommy too!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank you. We unnewstand, just don’t be disappearin’ again wiffout lettin’ us know. At least a line in da email. Just sumfin’ so weez not worry too much.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra


        • No awnty Theresa it wusn’t. Weez luv you and wuz so worried. Yous know weez just want good fings fur ya’ but last year wuz succh a bad year dat weez wuz weally worried. Weez glad all is well and you wuz just on bweak.

          Luv ya’

          Dezi and Lexi and mommy


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