Is Lexi Still A Service Cat?

Meowllo evewypawdy. Anudder mumff is almost ovew. Can you believe how fast this year is flyin’ by? Or is it just us? Cuz we fink it’s goin’ by way too fast. Sis Lexi’s gunna be havin’ a Meowday next mumff. And of course we celebwate da whole mumff long. Hers gunna be 16 this year. Mommy kuldn’t be happier. And speakin’ of sissy we got a foo emails and comments by peeps wantin’ to see sissy’s test wesults ifin we didn’t mind. And of course weez not mind. Weez didn’t include them in ow posty cuz mommy wuz so angwy dat she furgot dat sum of ya’ wuld actually know what you be lookin’ at, and weez didn’t know how to shawe a PDF. But da suppowt gwoup likes to use Dwopbox, so weez’ll shawe it dat way. Da only fing weez ask is dat yous let us know yous lookin’ at ‘em and afterwards purrlease give us yous 10 cents. So ifin yous wanna see Lexi’s test wesults, then click here.  

 dw Dezi leaves tree1a

Amongst da emails weez weceived ‘bout sis Lexi’s kidney disease, weez also been asked ifin she has quit “workin’” fur mommy as a Service cat or ifin mommy wuz gunna get anudder service cat. Afur me splains let me furst say…NO!!! No she hasn’t stopped bein’ a service cat and No, mommy seez no weason’ to get anudder Servie cat at this time. And accowdin’ to mommy she dusn’t evew wanna be in da pawsition to have to get anudder Service cat. So, dat oughtta tell ya’ where we awe in acceptin’ sissy’s kidney disease. Weez still purrayin’ and believin’ dat we can weverse it. Cuz, sissy dusn’t miss a beat. She actually seems to be givin’ mommy mowe head massages lately.

 dw Lexi 3924

Altho’ what we do fur mommy is technically work, we enjoy it and weally like duin’ it fur mommy. It weally makes her happy and we like makin’ mommy happy. Once mommy got steps fur sissy to help hers get on and off da bed, Lexi’s been luvvin’ dat pawt of ow job dat happens when mommy lays down. Now dat sissy can get down hers selff to get a dwink or go pawdee and get back on da bed by hers selff she luvs it and wewards mommy wiff a head massage evewytime she gets down and gets back up. Mowe than once mommy’s been woke up by sissy’s wumblin’ purr and massagin’ hers head. And of course mommy’s never gunna complain ‘bout dat. You know she has migwaines dat awe always just unnew da surface. So da mowe massages she gets, da mowe they stay unnew da surface.

 dw DnL cat tree65

And Lexi still likes to awgue wiff me over hoo gets to dwive da chair in da meownin’s. She’s nevew awgued wiff me ovew hoo gets to answer da fone cuz me luvved it so much. Altho’ me has finally learned da sumtimes yous just let da fone wing. Me dusn’t know zactly why yous wanna let it wing wiffout answerin’ it, but evwy once in a while dat’s what mommy duz. Anyways, weez not gunna keep ya’ today we just wanted to answer a foo questions weez been getting. Mommy always sez ifin one or two peeps awe finkin; it then it’s mowe likely than not dat there awe udders finkin’ it too. As you know weez be oppen books and welkum yous questions anytime.  But fur now weez’ll say hav a pawsum Monday.

And till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



40 thoughts on “Is Lexi Still A Service Cat?

  • lexi…glad ya iz knot reddy ta ree tire…& trust uz…ewe can wait for YEERZ ta get social seCATitee…gram paw dude coulda toll ya then N cuzin boomer can tell ya now….de chex in de mail answer iz … lee false !! ♥♥♥ 🙂

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  • Hope you haz a pawsome monday all day… cause this day am flying by!! Just like three months of 2015. We loves you and thanks so much for the updates.

    Mom waz wondering how you get word press to looks so good. We tried word press free and couldn’t get it to do all the things that blogspot does… so we’re still on blogspot. We loves the background photo!

    We waz also wondering how you massage your Mom’s head… maybe Mom could teach us how to do that too to help her headaches… purrz from Joey the Nike Cat and Lil Bear who am watching Mom type.

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    • Aaaaaaw Fank you. Weez not know what yous wunnewin’ ‘bouot zactly. Siince we mostly not know what weez duin’, we just use da foo fings weez unnewstand. As fur ow backgwound foto, mommy made it on imikimi and den used anudder foto app to make it make so many and then we just chose to use ow own backgwound foto in da settings. As fur evewyfin’ else, it’s pawt of da Theme we chose and weez limited to what it allows us to do. Sum have mowe options than udders, but we wuz twyin’ to make iit easier fur those hoo visit, read and comment. As fur da massagin’, it’s da kneadin’ a kitty duz naturally just focused at a specific place and at a specific time. Mommy sez all cats can be twained yous just have too find what motivates them and then work wiff them till they get it. Good luck.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • Mee-you Dezi an lexi mee LadyMum sayss time ISS flyin!!! Mee not reelly know beecause mee iss still too young to know bout time 😉 Mee has been here allmost 4 monthss tho an that went purrty quik!
    Fankss fur sharin thee reeport with us. Mee finkss thee Vet needss to leern how to rite nicer an should leern a few mannerss!! Lexi iss gorgeeuss…an that is that!!
    Seein yur fotoss’ today mee iss even more uppyset bout that reemark…..PICKERELL!
    “Calm down Dharth Henry; you don’t want to give Mumma A a headache!”
    Mew sorry Lady Audra mee did not meen to get so uppyset.
    Wee hopess you can find a way to get the propurr meddycayshun. Wee bee purrayin like crazy for a meerackle fur all of youss’!!!
    paw kissess Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    • Fank you. Weez heard fwum ow wegular VET and hims gave us sumfin’ fur sis Lexi. But hims complained ’bout ow wesults. and da Vet we went too. Sed hims ERD test wuz better than a blood test anyday. Mommy’s just upset dat it’s soo hawd to get ALL da infurmation in one place. Anyways, Fanks again.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

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      • LadyMum sayss itt iss weerd that Vet’ss cannnot get along an help each other help a 4 legged without gettin all nastee an reesentfull….so much fur puttin thee 4 legged’ss wellfacre ferst 😉
        Wee iss glad Lexi got meddycayshin an wee hope shee iss doin bettur today!
        Wee heard a bit of good newss today: Doc Dave iss goin to have HIP surgery thiss comin Tuesday!!! He DID take LadyMum’ss advice….. Yippee!!!
        paw kissess Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

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        • Well since they only be in it fur da munny they see it as competition and losin’ munny we guess.

          Dat’s pawsum. And ifin hims needed hip sutgery it kuld certainly splain hims attitude, Pain makes peeps do funny fings.

          Luv ya’

          Dezi and Lexi

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          • Mee-you oh yess thee green papurrss sum Hu’manss fink are so makess a good point!!!
            As fur Doc Dave LadyMum gave him tipss an ideass how to cope with his tragicallee hip ALL last yeer an suggested hee take sum time off an get it fixed. Hee ‘hemmed an hawwed’ an said hee was not sure an now hee iss gettin thee surgery dun!!
            LadyMum finkss thee pain furinallee wore him down. Hee iss inn ago-knee.Even mee could see that thee 2 timess mee went to him…
            An now wee wunder if hee new what hee was doin an wnated LadyMum to find another Vet beecause shee not like his partnerss (who are all bout thee $$$$). It makess sense now 😉
            paw kissess Siddhartha Henry xxx

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  • Time does fly by…it seems the older we get the faster it flies! OMC!!

    We are happy Lexi is still doing what she loves to do, which is help you. May it long continue.
    And early Happy Meowday to her:))

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